When “Models” Become “Role Models”

Hey my name is Angela,

I started modeling over two years ago for reasons much different than I do today, when I first started I was surrounded by the image of the “Perfect Model”.

I can’t tell you how many girls I grew up with dreamed to one day be that “perfect model” figure created by the major corporate brands and when I actually became a model myself, I was engulfed by it.

It wasn’t until I had actually gained some experience myself I realized, we models never actually had a voice of our own…

…We were the billboard for fashion brands to showcase what ever they wanted and paint the image they wanted to. The exact reason I got into modeling was now the reason I wanted out.

After meeting many models that had got into modeling for the same reasons I did – to make a real difference in the world – we decided to ban together and create a new voice, once that starts with giving back and changing lives.

We formed Colombian Cuties so we could give back in a bigger way, create a image of truth and become true role models for girls around the world.

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